About Us

Our Philosophy

At Bellabee Childcare we are committed to these 5 principles of quality child care:

1) Supporting Parents in their role as primary caregivers

  • Taking the necessary time each day to communicate with parents, whether it is in regards to their child, work environment, or their personal family life.
  • Offering an “open door policy” to allow parents to join in any of the daycare daily routines when and if they have a moment to do so – this may include field trips, special occasions, lunch, or for even a quick play if they happen to be in the neighbourhood.
  • To encourage parents to send multiple lunches (frozen and canned goods) so that the daycare staff can prepare meals for the children to ease the “lunch making stress”

2) Providing a safe, clean, organized daycare

  • Following Community Care Facility Acts Child Care Licensing Regulations
  • Maintaining a strict repair and cleaning schedule
  • Maintain a low child/staff ratio at all times
  • Ensuring that all staff is trained to their highest capability of First aid and CPR training

3) Respecting each child as an individual, with both similarities & uniqueness’s

  • Creating a program that is diverse and incorporates the cultural view of all families
  • Offering children who require extra support the opportunity to learn in a typical environment and to integrate them in all aspects of our curriculum
  • Giving each child as much love and attention as they desire, and to create a “family atmosphere” with all children and staff
  • Offering children an environment that is rich in creativity, learning experiences and stimulation

4) Providing all families with a well educated, stable, and happy staff

  • All staff members have a current Early Childhood Education certificate, and a Infant/Toddlers certificate if they are in the younger room
  • Respecting staff as people and ensuring that their working lives, as well as their personal, are content and harmonious, through staff meetings and discussions
  • Offering a competitive wage and vacation package.
  • Encouraging staff to expand their knowledge of the E.C.E. field, & compensating them when courses and workshops are completed (including first aid & CPR training)

5) Working together with the community to provide optimum care for the children

  • Having community based resources (bulletins & handouts), and services available to all families
  • Ensure that all children are able find out more about their surroundings through field trips & visits from community personnel